Following is hard, ministry is even harder, but leading people is by far the thing that I have found to be the hardest and probably what I’ve failed at the most.

  FOLLOWING means you may not be leading people at this juncture but you are certainly leading yourself. What tends to happen to the follower is that you get really good at leading yourself and then you become a bit discontent in the following. Everyone has done this at some point. It’s like all of a sudden you’re stuck in traffic behind one of those trucks with tiny pebbles and what was once just a truck is now something that is trying to break your windshield. Following isn’t easy but it’s necessary. Everyone I’ve ever followed behind I learned something from that changed my life; even the not so good leaders taught me something. I have never allowed myself to not learn something, even if all I was learning was to dodge pebbles. If you are currently following, take notes, in life you’ll always be a follower in one way or another. ( one of these days I’ll write about following the right things )   MINISTRY means you are somewhere being Jesus in a dark place; this doesn’t mean you work for a church. Loving Jesus is not exhausting, but trying to live like Him is. <– Calm down, i’m not going to hell for saying that. Living like Jesus is hard. It is! But it’s so worth it and so much easier when I remove myself from the situation and let Him lead. Being successful in ministry means being an awesome follower. Because in moments where I don’t want to not be a light in the world and I want to hide in my house watching Netflix the KING OF KINGS who I am following gently reminds me that the cross was hard, being betrayed was hard, and He never gets a day off to watch Netflix. He’s forced to watch His children go nuts and by choice live apart from the kingdom He created for them. So in moments where ministry gets hard I remind myself that I am only meant to be a follower and I smile and get in line and high five Jesus for the reminder.   LEADERSHIP means you’ve been in line a little longer than some & over the years God has allowed you to take notice that there are people behind you. When I was in my 20’s I thought leadership was getting to be a boss & making more money. But that’s not it all. It’s a whole lot of I’m sorry’s coupled with covering and helping, and extra work, and long hours and worry for those following. It makes you want to follow better so they don’t mistake you for a pebble, it makes you want to keep your light bright so they won’t forget their purpose. Leadership isn’t anything else but a greater form of following.   If you’re out there and desiring more leadership or hoping one day you’ll be the boss, just be a good follower, keep your light bright and get really good at apologizing. Leadership isn’t about being first in line, it’s not about how many people follow you or how high you can go in your world. Leadership is about sacrificing all that you are so those following can see through you, and as a result see Jesus.   That’s all that matters in the end. following, Chari]]>