Context is my bestie, my downfall, and consequently it’s what moves me forward. ( shakes fist in the air ) I need it to understand how to move forward, how to pull vision from tasks and goals and let’s be honest here most of the time the answers to life’s greatest dilemmas need explaining. But lately context is not what I’m getting. Explanations and how-to’s have run-a-muck and I’ve been left with one word answers. You know, the one word answers!






In case you were wondering that is pretty much a creative persons worst nightmare, no context and one word answers. So as a creative and as a human being how do you respond to the one word answers of life when nothing seems to make sense and everything seems to be in some kind of turmoil that gives you heartburn? You respond to that one word answer in kind…









SELF-CONTROL ( kind of two words but you get the jist )

The reality is these one word responses will always be your answers regardless of the lack of context, regardless of the turmoil, and regardless of who you are dealing with. And as a person who gives and receives one word answers, and is on both sides of occasionally giving and receiving with no context…believe the best in people. Not everyone knows how you are, most people don’t know what you need, and know how you need to be communicated to. So believe the best, respond with the one word answers above that never go out of style and will never fail you. And if at the end you still need more context because you still can’t figure it out i’ll leave you with the best one word answer ever…



I’m Just Sayin’,