(which I am praying I win the Powerball so I can get one) or they use SHIPT to pick up their groceries, or they have a lovely neighbor who helps with their kiddos, or their mom stayed up and did their homework, time is just a maze you have to learn to navigate. But if you want a PAUSE button, then you’ll need to ask for help. HELP is what really stops time and allows us to enjoy life. Help, some of us have it, others don’t want it, and if you’re me, you are just too much of a control freak to admit you need it. Do you ask for help? I don’t. I am a do it myself typo-gal, mainly because I am a little cray and I like to be in control. I used to think that asking for help was for weak people. Help was for those who couldn’t do it themselves so they past whatever it was on to some poor unfortunate soul who then was duped into doing whatever it is said person could not do. I think God allows our lives to be hectic in seasons, and for time to constantly feel fleeting so we’d learn how to ask for help. See, asking for help doesn’t make you weak, not asking for help does. If you can’t ask your parents for help in your childhood, you’ll never ask your friends for help in your youth. The not asking or learning HOW to ask breeds lonely people. Lonely people who never ask for help marry people who want to help, and lonely people then become bitter bears because the wanting to help is kind of annoying. Also, I’m talking about other people, not you or me.  Let us not forget our co-workers in place to help or that we are supposed to delegate things to but instead we do it all ourselves (i mean, not us, the others) and as a result we steal the growth opportunity of others, and the joy in collaboration, and the lonely bitterness is replaced with pride. Again, totally writing this from another person’s experiences that they told me about. Then before you know it the imaginary people we are talking about stop asking God for His help, His direction, and everything else He freely offers. See the progression? I joke a lot because I find these revelations are always kind of comical to me after I’ve walked their trail a few times. I mean, I’m 36, I work for one of the most amazing church’s in the world, I teach, I study, I oversee people and the last few months God has unpacked for me how to ask for help. SERIOUSLY??!!! What a bummer! Can He unpack mind reading or how to be skinny without working out? *sigh Nope, I did it all, conquered everything I was asked to do with flair and awesomeness, and sides of bitterness, because I NEVER asked for help. Not because it wasn’t available but because asking seemed to add to my workload. Time waits for no one, but there is still THIS moment for many of us to STOP and realize that we may need some help. You can’t do it all, and if you can, its doesn’t mean you’re called to do it all.  And in the paraphrased words of the brilliant Christine Caine, you can do everything God has ever called you to, you just can’t do it all at once. Ask for help.

  • Ask your mom / mom-in-law to help with your laundry ( i did and it was glorious! )
  • Let your husband clean something. Its okay if it doesn’t look like you cleaned it!
  • Need someone to talk through some feelings? Ask a friend to coffee, call a pastor. It’s okay to not be perfect.
  • God is ALWAYS readily available to help, and to listen… just ask.
No matter if you are in the throes of awesomeness or drowning in your everyday, HELP will always press pause on time. So don’t be afraid to ask for it. *I have a part 2 this coming regarding CREATIVES so stay tuned. xo chari    ]]>