cue claire danes crying face here ) This year I turned 36 and so the weeks leading up to my birthday I posted the lessons that God unpacked for me and through me during my 35th year. Its not only a way for me to reflect on all I’ve walked though but it marks my year and propels me forward. You can view the actual posts HERE, or check em out below. I look forward to unpacking each of these on the blog in 2018 and I hope what I walked and worked through blesses you. If you want to get a preview of #lessonsfrom36 make sure to follow me on Instagram.  

PARENTHOOD IS FOR EVERYONE The fruit of your life isn’t measured by what you conceive in the flesh but by the kingdom seeds you sow in people. THE FRUIT YOU BARE SHOULD NURTURE KINGDOM PLATFORMS, NOT PERSONAL ONES Intentions, Intentions, Intentions. If you’re watering the soil of your life so that the fruit you grow specifically pushes your name or your title forward, then you’re doing it wrong. Fruit that impacts the kingdom most of the time comes from anonymous trees. HONOR CULTIVATED IN A DROUGHT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF SPROUTING BITTER FRUIT. GUARD YOUR HEART. Not every season will be ideal and full of people who get you, people who love you, or people you want to speak into your life. Guard your heart, every person in your world is teaching you something, even the lessons you don’t want to learn. IF I EVER GOT LOST IN THE WOULD THERE IS A 85% CHANCE I WILL NOT SURVIVE I don’t mean this as some profound Kingdom parallel, I actually mean me and the woods do not jive. Another lesson 35 has taught me is to KNOW YOURSELF and be okay with it! I’m a book reading introvert who loves the A/C and would prefer a museum to rock climbing. The best thing you can do for the Kingdom is cultivate who God has created you to be. True story. [LOSS] WILL STEAL YOUR VISION IF YOU DON’T STOP AND CELEBRATE YOUR [WINS] This has been the biggest year of wins professionally speaking and it’s been the year with some of my biggest losses as well. Don’t let the broken parts of your life blur the amazing, life changing moments and people in your world. Remind yourself daily of where you’re going and how far you’ve come, keep Gods resume fresh on your mind, it’s what propels you forward and keeps your perspective clear! JOY, LIKE ANY FRUIT, NEEDS TO BE SOWN, CULTIVATED AND TENDED TO You may or may not spend your younger years chasing down things, people, jobs, positions or ideal circumstances to be happy. But just in the small chance you do…happiness…Joy, it isn’t a feeling, it’s a fruit of spirit; It’s a product of spending time with your creator. Joy is experienced in the knowing. So stop chasing and start watering the soil God’s given you. [GOOD] SOIL ISNT NECESSARILY [GOD] SOIL This one has been a beast to navigate as not all [GOOD] opportunities are [GOD] opportunities and not every open door should beckon your soul. So pray often & stay diligently aware of where the Holy Spirit is leading you. And remember…God led Jesus into a wilderness and the disciples into a storm. [GOD SOIL] is an opportunity for God to grow you internally, [GOOD SOIL] will grow you externally. Choose wisely. YOUR SUCCESS DOESN’T GROW PEOPLE, HOW YOU NAVIGATE FAILURE DOES I used to think that I’d be influential only after I became this great leader or once i reached a certain mountain top, or a season of success. But I’ve found my failures and how I dust myself off in the aftermath speaks more about the quality of my leadership then my wins. So… 1. Apologize quickly 2. Don’t fear being wrong 3. Be okay with the people you lead being better than you, that after-all is the goal! 4. Pioneer often 5. View success through the right filter; it’s not necessarily winning, success is being able to learn in the process. GET GREAT AT HERE, BECAUSE THERE IS A MYTH Not sure what I thought or where I thought I’d be at this point in my life but it was definitely over “there.” You know “there” – it’s that mythical place where you’re smarter, wiser, skinnier, funnier, possibly more successful. But as I near 36 I realize the THERE I sought is really just an upgraded version of HERE, and I’m already here. So embrace the now! Build for next, but don’t pine for it. Now is what sharpens and builds you, now is what’s great, full of adventure and possibilities. AGE DOESN’T MATURE YOU, BUT STRUGGLE DOES I’ll be 36 in a month, processing the fact the age doesn’t mature us, but struggle, trials, storms absolutely do. Embrace the struggle, it’s what grows you.  ]]>