I found Bianca’s blog in 2008/09. I remember reading her posts and thinking, this chick is amazeballs and I am pretty sure we could be besties. Fast forward to 2011 and I come on staff at Celebration Church and one of my first projects is to reach out to a21 on behalf of my pastor. And the chick I have to email is named Bianca Jaurez. Of course I immedietly think “DEAR BABY JESUS! Is this the SAME Bianca I have been stalking???!” So because im a true stalker in our emails back and forth I just come out and very professionally fan girl her! She is of course hilarious and generous and a few months later are paths crossed in real life. I, on the inside wanted to hug her tightly all whilst telling her how we are meant to be besties. But I didn’t. I acted like a normal person and because I am Jesus’ fave the years have gone by and Bianca has become one of the most influential cheerleaders in my world. She is one text, one blog, one post away from an encouragement and I want you to LOVE her just as much as I do.

Check out this beautiful post she wrote that totally left me in tears and inspired — I AM SECOND

She is also a phenominal speaker and author. Her book, Play With Fire is awesome and you should read it.

you’re welcome.