On Mission

JulioMy brother is a soldier. But not just any soldier, he’s a calvary scout, in the 101st, and in about 48 hours he heads off to school to become special forces. Which he’s actually been selected for because he’s not just any kind of soldier, he’s elite. Top of his class in fitness and knowledge and he leads other soldiers with grace and discipline. He walks different, and he talks different then EVERYONE! Everything about my brother screams “set apart”, and not in a stand off-ish kind of way, but in a “I want to be like him” kind of way. He sees the world through a soldiers eyes and everything from what he eats to what he does matters because it all affects his mission. He’s always ON mission, never off, even when He’s off. Every opportunity he perceives as a chance to strengthen himself mentally and emotionally for the next mission and no matter what he’s asked he always see’s freedom as the goal and the perfered outcome. He’s a soldier, ready for battle at all times, because in HIS mind we are at war. Yet, he is ALWAYS joyful and seems to NEVER lose perspective. Today I began to process everything he’s showed me and taught me since he’s stepped into the soldier life and I realized in the Kingdom I am also a soldier. Being in ministry, living for God is like being at war FULL TIME! War is messy. Battle leaves casualties. Sometimes you’ll sit in trenches and other times the battle will take one bomb and it’s over. But it’s all war. And if you don’t realize your at war you won’t thrive in your faith, and if you are in vocational ministry you can kiss your longevity good-bye. Yes, I got all that from processing my amazing brother and his weird soldier stuff. Yes – we are at war, but there is joy in the life of a soldier, there is honor and knowledge in the life of a soldier. But there are also sleepless nights, and 12 mile truks and having to eat mre’s for days on end. But the end result is always freedom for others. And if we are leading people to freedom we have to be willing to embrace the battles, and lonley time. So thank you, Julio. Not just for your service, but for reminding me that I am meant for more, that regardless of the battle I should always be focused on mission, and my life should scream, “set apart.” kings to you, Chari    ]]>