I just recorded the first podcast of season two, and I talked a bit about my struggle with anxiety. It’s quite scary to talk about if I’m honest. First of all, I lead at a high level and in my eyes should be able to navigate feels by now! Secondly, I teach people about overcoming and so when I hit a wall personally its a bit crippling.

I know, I know, I am the queen of saying you have to be vulnerable and leadership is messy, but I still like things in order. It’s hard to admit that for some reason this bout with anxiety this summer has been a bit of a struggle, and it isn’t something I have been able to conquer entirely yet. But I’m putting it out there this coming season of I CRY IN CORNERS because there are too many people taking their lives and losing hope. Too many people are overdosing and feeling lost. I’m not a professional at mental health by all means, but I know Jesus and I know and have experienced first hand His miraculous power, so If I can share these things and it leads people back to Jesus then that’s the win.

So I’m going to talk about my struggles this season, I’m going to talk about the people in my corner that have helped me realize and overcome them, and I hope you will join me for this ride. It is going to be even messier and honest, and I hope it inspires people. I’ve never done this before, lay it all out there, I know shocker. But it’s true. Get ready becaise at times, it’s going to sound like I can’t get my thoughts together, you’re going to hear the hesitation in my voice as I navigate what to share and how to share it, but some things I need to share. Not for me, but because I know I’m not alone.

Struggle for many of us has a name and its depression and anxiety. And I see you struggle, you are not going to win and you’re not going to fester in the shadows anymore. So here it goes… my struggle with anxiety is a real struggle, but it’s not the final say nor is it my focus. And though the battle is incredibly real and at times debilitating, its not more real than Jesus. So if you find yourself lost in the fog of anxiousness, find a corner, and spend some time in the presence of Jesus. I promise it’s in HIS PRESENCE where the fog will lift, where the sight that seems lost will become clear and where HOPE is never lost.


xo Chari