Your [success] doesn’t grow people, how you navigate [failure] does. @chariorozco

I used to think that I’d be influential only after I became this great leader or once I reached a specific mountaintop or a season of success. But I’ve found my failures and how I dust myself off in love and in the aftermath speaks more about the quality of my leadership than my wins.

So…If you find yourself leading yourself or others, and you’ve failed somewhere along the way, be the one to
1. Apologize quickly: the enemy looks for nonsense to linger to bring division, but love always leads you to reconciliation.
2. Don’t fear being wrong: Being wrong doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. #facts
3. Be okay with the people you lead being better than you: the goal isn’t to win the race, the goal is for others running with you to cross the line before. Also, LOVE propels others forward, so be that person. Be one who strengthens their shoulders for other’s to stand on, not so that you can post images about how strong and awesome YOU are on social media.
4. Pioneer often: The most beautiful things are cultivated in darkness, dug out from the muck and mire, and chiseled from stone. Don’t be afraid to try new stuff, old stuff, stuff that scares you. Saying yes to risk is what differentiates you from the pioneers who discovered new lands and those that turned back out of fear.
5. View success through the right filter: success is not about winning, success is being able to learn in the process! The truth is if you can learn how to love Jesus better, love Jesus better, love yourself better, love your work better then you are always winning.

So let me help remove the myth of leadership, no one needs you to be the best leader, they need you to be the best at loving people. Jesus was great because of how He loved, love made people want to follow him. So don’t try to be the best at leading people, be the best at loving people. And if you lose sight of love along the way, go through my list, and it will eventually lead you there.

For more of my rando thoughts on LEADERSHIP check out the podcast, especially Season 1.


love you weirdos, Chari