“Not sure what I thought or where I thought I’d be at this point in my life, but it was definitely over “there.” You know “there” – it’s that mythical place where you’re smarter, wiser, skinnier, funnier, possibly more successful.”

I wrote the above a month before my 36th bday. I was 35, and I’d just survived a HELLACIOUS two years of trial, and I was just barely on the other end of some severe storms. The greatest lesson I learned from that moment in time and that thought process was the THERE I sought was just an upgraded version of HERE.

You know, HERE — the place we all want to be. The place free of storms, and crazy people, and adulting. The reality is life will NEVER BE free of storms and nonsense. Be aware, there is a part of all of us that when the crap hits the fan will pine for everything to be EASY, but easy doesn’t grow you, and growth is what you want. Instead of pining for the next we need to learn that we can be full of peace and joy right here, even in the crazy as PEACE is the person of Jesus, and JOY is the result of spending time with him.

See, your rest and reprieve from the wilderness seasons of life won’t be found in the lack of busyness or the lack of storms, but instead, rest will be found in knowing He is with you, He is guiding you, and there is the purpose in all of the HEREs and THERE’s!

So embrace the now!

Build for next, but don’t pine for it.

NOW is what SHARPENS and BUILDS you, now is what’s great, full of adventure and possibilities. And if you embrace the NOW with this kingdom perspective, you’ll find yourself immediately in the NEXT walking others through the here’s, and there’s.

for more on finding PURPOSE right now where you are, listen on itunes episode 003: The one about purpose