I was 24 years old when I attended the very first SHINE CONFERENCE at my church. I was new to experiencing women’s ministries and new to the church, but it hugely impacted me, and I was forever changed. I was amazed at how intentional everything was, and I just wanted to learn more and be a part of whatever this movement was. At 28 that dream came true when I was asked to lead worship during the conference, at 30 I started emceeing the conference, and a 35 I began to help design the look and write the openers. It was truly a dream realized, and it became what marked my year, every year.

This past week we said GOODBYE to SHINE as we are heading into a new time/season for our church and for SISTERHOOD, which is our women’s ministry. It’s been bittersweet to say goodbye to something that has molded and marked me, but it’s reminding me how important it is to embrace transitional moments. Yep, transitional moments are the ones that teach us how to be flexible, teach us how to process change, and move us from season to season. If you don’t realize you’re in transition, you’ll get bitter,  frustrated and stuck in the quicksand called an offense. So if you are one of those three things you may be in a transitional season and just not realize it. So yea, practically speaking sometimes the best way to embrace transition is do it QUIETLY, yep, with lots of listening to the Holy Spirit and watching. Most people head into change complaining about the what they are leaving behind instead of embracing what’s next, so don’t be that person. I’m currently watching people I love and trust walk through a massive transition with grace and peace and strength and what I’m learning along the sidelines as I quietly watch is that

  1. You don’t need complete details just a general direction. ( that’s why being led by the Holy Spirt is a MUST! )
  2. You don’t ALWAYS need provision upfront, just the provider. ( that’s why you have to be a person full of FAITH, not full of ideas and expectations

A transition can feel difficult, but it’s just pruning. I heard BILL JOHNSON say, “Pruning is God’s gift to those who are growing.” I may have Paraphrased that a little, but you get the jest. Pruning, transition, it’s a GOOD THING, a GOD THING. So Embrace it.

Here’s to the end of an era, the end of something beautiful, and the beginning of something even more beautiful!

Off to the next,