To say I’m stoked about season 3 would be a massive understatement. I have been waiting to write this content for a while, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Below is a small glimpse of the next ten episodes. But you should also know there will be EXTRA content this season as I’m going to attempt to launch video content with each episode. So yea, that will be interesting! Also, CrtvChurch is who houses my podcast and they are launching the new website, branding, and podcast in February so I’ve decided to launch season 3 alongside their new launch — which gives me more time to write and because it’s important for family to step into new things together. See you in February.

Episode 021: It’s not a thing. ( Reality vs Dreams )
Episode 022: Quitting won’t fix it. ( Perseverance )
Episode 023: Take a deep breath. ( Rest defined )
Episode 024: Yea, that’s normal. ( Understanding your season )
Episode 025: Don’t overthink it. ( Embracing your here )
Episode 026: Make good choices. ( You probably won’t tho )
Episode 027: That sounds dumb. ( Stop talking, more listening )
Episode 028: Have you had that checked out by a doctor? ( Get, ask for help, from like a real professional, not google or siri or alexa )
Episode 029: Standards, get some. ( living with Kingdom values )
Episode 030: Don’t expect respect, earn it. ( entitlement is the debil )