I don’t like being in front of a camera. I’m an introvert to the core and prefer to build platform silently and without commotion. Maybe that’s why the podcast and blog work, it’s more my style. Yet, for some reason a few months back the Lord dropped on my heart to ready my youtube channel. So I got ready, bought the essentials and assumed whatever I was gonna do was gonna surround my podcast. But as the weeks have passed, the content and episodes have become clearer. Yes, I’ll talk about the podcast and its episodes but the YOUTUBE channel will be where I will share about SO MUCH MORE then just leadership & I Cry In Corners. 

Yep, This year I am going to start a various series on the following

Love and Marriage: Here we will chat about the things I WISH I knew when before I got married and the things I’ve learned while being married. God hasn’t called us to be people of broken commitments but of covenant. This is where I will dissect all of my thoughts in hope to help people struggling through relationships. Also, I’m gonna make my husband be in these videos. He doesn’t know yet. ha!

Creativity: I have found over the years that creativity as a gifting set has become SO TRENDY that people have opted to embrace their creativity over the creator. As a creative and a person who leads creatives this will be where I chat through creative culture, creative ministry, and all the topics. pitfalls and wins surrounding it.

Motherhood and lack thereof : Infertility is a battle for many, it’s not talked about often and when it is, people make it weird. And since I have been in this joker for almost 8 years now and I’m thriving regardless of the stigma and what the world perceives as a battle, I’m finally gonna talk about it. So yea, this one will be grimy, and not what you think.

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