1 Samuel 11

In the 11th Chapter of Samuel, we find the newly anointed King who doesn’t necessarily have the confidence of his people facing a pretty major obstacle. The Ammonite king has gone into the neighboring tribes and not only tried to take them over but threated to remove their eyes.  Then after instilling fear, he tries to sell a peace treaty that will accompany their vision being taken!

There are no peace treaties with the enemy or anything that fear is attached to and Saul knew that. In response to this, he then rallied everyone together as his first real act as the leader and pretty much annihilated the enemy. And THAT my friends, is what God wants for us, to see past making peace with things that bring fear into our lives and instead choosing to abide in God and His promises for is!

Stepping out and leading people takes bravery and trust. Saul did this in such a way that it brought freedom to those around him. It’s only when we rally around God’s purposes and perspective that we can truly find the peace that impacts kings and kingdoms. It’s only then that you can take ground over the enemy in your life. Be encouraged today as you tackle the things that try to take your vision; God is with you and He will never forsake you!

xo Chari