1 Samuel 10

Have you ever felt like God unexpectedly plucked you out of your mundane to-do list and then all of sudden He unleashed this massive plan in your lap and asks you to trust him? Well, that’s exactly where we find Saul in 1 Samuel 10, he is out searching for his father’s donkey’s and takes a small unforeseen detour to visit with the prophet Samuel and just when He is about to leave Samuel drops this HUGE future in his lap! And it there in the detour, there along a road’s edge  Samuel anoints Saul, who is from the smallest tribe in Israel to lead the nation.

Not sure where you find yourself today but like Saul God has a plan for your life and it doesn’t matter what task you find yourself doing or what your road may look like today, one detour can change everything! That’s right; God uses detours to cultivate trust. And in those moments you can choose to see them as another struggle or an opportunity for God to call you out and enlarge your territory.

Once Samuel anoints Saul he then sends him on his way where the issue he was facing gets resolved, provision for the journey is provided, and then an opportunity to encounter God in a new way makes itself known. In the end, He finds himself supernaturally different and not only within but in the eyes of those who know him well. God wants to do something supernatural in you, and not just for you but for those in your circle. So choose the detours, embrace the adventure; God has a plan and you are an important puzzle piece that can change lives and lead people to encounter God.

xo Chari