If life has taught me anything its that life is like the Florida weather, fickle and subject to erratic change. These past few years have taught me that change is inevitable and the only way to survive change is to REALLY learn how to be flexible and adapt to whatever conditions we are currently facing. And like the weather recenlty has taught me, I need to make sure

  1. that I always have an umbrella ( covering )
  2. that I always have my sunglasses ( protection for my vision )
  3. that I am layered for warmth ( accountability )

So why do these three things matter? It matters because perfect conditions are never promised, they are perceived.  That’s right; perfection isn’t something that just happens, its something that rarely never happens unless you’re Jesus. Instagram will tell you that the people whose feeds you’re following have these perfect lives, that your struggles are really just for the common folk and perfection is attainable. But the truth is the most beautiful perfect thing that ever happened was Jesus dying on a cross. It was messy and unfair, and yet the sacrifice changed everything. Stop chasing perfection and start preparing for the unfair and the messy. Take your proverbial umbrellas everywhere and make sure you’re covered, cos really great moments, life-changing moments, the ones that impact eternity are all about your heart, your response and how you embrace your circumstances.

xo Chari