“You will be prisoners of war, but you’ll be rewarded with life…” Jeremiah 21

I found myself a few years back caught in the most awkward conflict of my life; it felt like madness, it felt like I was holed up in some crazy castle being bombarded by falsehoods and there was no reprieve! In that craziness, someone looked at me and told me the horrible truth that nothing sadly was going to be resolved and at the end of the day I needed to remember that “perspective is everything.” That person almost got open hand slapped at that moment as all I could focus on was justice and what was true and right and flawed perspective in my world had nothing to do with the issue.

Now looking back I can see that actually, they were right, perspective is everything. It’s our perspective that can find joy in dark moments, peace in storms, and purpose in the wilderness. But lack of maturity and situational awareness tends to blur our perspective. At that moment I reference above I felt like the people in Jeremiah 21 being bombarded with the truth that the city was about to be overrun and my only options were death or imprisonment. Which if you read the story you can totally see why they’d feel like that. But as I processed that chapter I felt led to share JUST IN CASE someone out there is stuck in a situation where your choices aren’t desirable to remember that at least you have a choice, and choosing LIFE even if it’s means having to…

  • Leave your current location
  • Leave your family and friends
  • Being removed by force from what you’ve always known
  • Having to start over

…doesn’t necessarily mean God is not with you or that you are getting the raw end of the deal. Most of the people God has used MIGHTILY had to walk through the above. I’ve had to walk through the above, and your perspective in the process is what will make you or break you. So keep your wits about you, these moments are meant to mold you not break you, perspective is everything! Guard yours with peace and joy and purpose.

xo Chari