Joy is essential. Pursue Joy. – Jeremy Riddle

During the last 4 months, i’ve encountered some very trying circumstances and have had to remind myself several times that joy doesn’t just happen. Truth is, joy is activated through worship and maintained with thankfulness. It’s not a feeling, it’s a state-of-mind. And thankfulness is the antidote for the absence of joy. So today, just as a refresher course I reminded myself that I need to be thankful and that thankfulness is God’s will for my life. ( 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ) I reminded myself I have more things to be grateful for than to be frustrated about. I took countless deep breaths and told myself that at the end of the day God is big enough to handle my crazy and loves me enough to walk me through the gaps in my character.

Stay focused… pursue joy, stay thankful, my friends.

always in pursuit,