I’ll be 38 years old in a few months, and I will also reach my 20-year mark of being in some form of vocational ministry; yet, I, like the disciples in Luke 9 FORGET all the time that the God that has already walked me through the wilderness has already worked out my promise land circumstance. Every time I read about something the disciples did that I deem as dimwitted I am quickly reminded I do the same thing, pretty much every time. In Luke 9 ( the feeding of the 5000 ) they have come back from literally healing the sick and doing miracles and then when faced with the need for a miracle, and a nudge from Jesus to work it out they panic. Maybe it was the fact that their confidence was deflated from the fact that
– there were tons of people there watching
– Jesus was there and could perhaps critique
– there wasn’t a lot to work with ( a few loaves and two fish )

Not sure what stalled them to step out and do something pretty amazing but WHAT IF they would have jumped in remembering they’d just experienced miracles a few verses before. WHAT IF the story would have read differently because they blessed, broke and gave out the food to the 5000. I’m just speculating, but I sense maybe God wants us to be more hands-on in the seasons of impossibilities, but we are too worried WE CAN’T do it instead of remembering he’s already done it.

Not sure what you’re facing, what season you’re walking into but what Jesus has walked you into he will navigate you through. Have peace, PAUSE and take a deep breath. You got this.

If you need extra encouragement listen to this…