Be anxious of nothing He said, tomorrow has enough worries He said. But what happens when anxiety becomes your Achilles heel but you love Jesus, and you KNOW Him? What happens when life just gets too crazy and overwhelming and you start to unravel? Does that make you less of a believer? Do you not have enough faith? I’ve asked myself these very questions so many times in the last 5 years that I’ve lost count. How can I preach from platforms about how mighty Jesus is and how can I walk boldly into hospital rooms to lay hands on the sick but I still struggle with anxiety?! I don’t know, I really don’t know why. I mean I am hilarious, at least I think I am. I can tend to command a room, lead a conversation if needed and stepping into scary situations doesn’t phase me. But Oh man, internally there is this anxiousness that if I’m not careful or aware it will debilitate me in ways I can’ even begin to tell you. So, you may be wondering at this point how I control it, I don’t. I trust Jesus to control it. In moments where I feel it rising up, I immedietly start praying, I will go find a quiet place and listen to worship music. I get intentional REAL FAST and I will engulf myself in His presence so whatever it is that is causing my anxiousness to flare up dissipates in the presence of the Living God.  

There is no anxiousness in Heaven, there is only wholeness; so I do my best to cultivate Heaven here on earth.

Am I the best at it? No. Does my anxiety sometimes win? Unfortunately, yes. But even when I’ve failed at dealing with my anxiety I know that I am loved, I am cherished and God is not moved off His throne just because I lost my footing. So be encouraged, not sure what you may be struggling with but whatever it is, know that you are loved and cherished and there is peace found in His presence. Selah. xo Chari  ]]>