Part 1

cue the throwing up sound ) I secretly wished I could just close my eyes and be back in that beautiful office where all I grabbed lunch for my favorite person, gleaned from her wisdom and designed social media graphics. But alas, time always pushes us reluctantly forward, and as usual begins to reveal all things. And its in that moment where you  have to be BRAVE enough to STEP UP and IN to what God has for you…even when it’s tough, even when you don’t feel qualified. And that moment for me looked like having the new gig for only a few months and then because God has jokes I was gifted with and entirely new department! My amazing 2 team members merged with another team and there were 9 of us! It was in that moment I put on my best brave face and thought internally, “I don’t want to be a boss! Like, for real Jesus, I never asked for any of this!” When I was young being the boss sounded kind of glamorous. But in real life, at least for me, it was like coming to realization that I was Michael Scott from the Office!  And by that I mean, stewarding people brought  to the forefront that I was no longer the funny, young one who could get away with saying inappropriate things. And I was pretty certain everyone around me had an inside joke I wasn’t privy to. I won’t lie being the boss was hard, is hard, will always be hard; but being gifted with people is the greatest gift ever! I’ve learned some things along the way that I hope by sharing them that it will encourage you. Even if you’re not the boss yet, you can be eventually; and if you’re not leading people right now you are leading yourself. Regardless of what you oversee, you are meant to steward it well. So these next few posts will be the things I’ve learned, the things I’ve done poorly, and in some form I’ll try to debunk the myths behind what it looks like to be in charge. Oh the myths! There are so many. But for today I’ll reiterate what I said above…every job I had before the dream job prepared me for the dream job. Every customer I had to deal with, every file I had to organize, every diaper I was asked to change. Every bit of it taught me how to treat people, and people after all matter to God. So wherever you find yourself today, know that it’s preparing you for tomorrow. Whatever you are putting your hand to, do it well, do it with a smile and treat people kindly. Be on the look out for Part 2…   Chari]]>