It’s okay to be sad. Transition is hard, and not everyone really enjoys change. So whether you’re shifting in your life, job, or relationships take the time to cry / be sad about it. It’s OKAY, God is big enough to hear your complaints & catch your tears. He’s big enough and God enough to accept the fact that we are human and that we might not embrace shifts well. Also, if you and God are truly friends, He looks forward to those conversations. Oh Dang, that’s a good word right there! ( cue the shofar! ) Time doesn’t heal all wounds . Someone told me right after my grandmother died that time heals all wounds. Um, I wanted to punch them in the throat for saying that because I knew that time would never heal that wound and that that loss would always be felt. I have found that the only thing time does is give you space to pull yourself together and not be led by your emotions. So when the reflection of the transition or loss comes flooding back you can handle it with more grace, more maturity. If you’re waiting for time to heal your wound or to help you “find closure” then you’ll be waiting a while; only Jesus heals wounds and closure isn’t found, its accepted. Move On Moving on doesn’t mean moving fast nor does it mean jumping right into the transition with open arms. It means you have put one foot in front of the other and you’re moving forward. Don’t mistake your small steps for not moving on. Your heart and mind will eventually catch up to your feet. Side note: These are in no particular order, I am still working on all of these and it’s not a perfected system, it’s just what works for me. No matter what changes you may be facing know that YOU control the transition, it doesn’t control you   xo Chari  ]]>

Start Here.

here. If you want to be a speaker one day, speak into the lives of those around you. If you want to start a blog, get really good at developing content on your social media platform first to ease into content development. If you want to be a professional singer, sing covers on youtube and build a following there. Before I ever did any concerts or recorded any albums I sang every song to my mom, my friends, and anyone who would listen. I carried my guitar everywhere. Before I ever taught on a stage with a microphone I shared what God was doing in my life with my circle, my social media, this blog. Impact your circle faithfully and God will make your circle bigger. You don’t need a stage to have a platform, nor do you need a live audience to have influence. You just need to start right where you are with people that are right where you are. Dream big, love God, everything else will work itself out, you just gotta be faithful RIGHT HERE. xo Chari]]>