Good Ideas vs. God Ideas

I’ve been processing Good Ideas vs God Ideas lately as the good ideas always seem to overflow, but the God ideas I have to till the ground for. Yep, for me good ideas and creative solutions are something that come easy. But sadly, most of my good ideas are just that, mine. I don’t want to live off my ideas, I want to live off of God’s as I have to sustain mine, and His just fall into place. 

This is what I’ve learned over the last few years about Good vs God

Good ideas have a shelf life
God ideas are eternal

Good ideas are man made
God ideas are God ordained

Good ideas build just you
God ideas build you + the Kingdom

Good ideas cost money
God ideas cost surrender



Good ideas can be used by God, but God ideas are already fired in the furnaces of his presence — they’re already ready. Wait for the God idea, they are so much better than the good ones.

True Story. 

x Chari