Nomad is the reminder that even though life may have you navigating valleys. mountains and quicksand, every part of the journey is meant to grow you. Using her families story of exile, Chari shares how it’s only in wilderness seasons where life change is found and miracles are experienced.

In wilderness seasons, Nomad will help you discover:

// The essentials to thriving
// The weapons to hone
// The pitfalls to avoid
// The people to find and attach yourself to

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Chari’s life story is powerful and rich with faith-filled history, just like the incredible stories we read in the Bible, God is woven into every thread – even the ones most of us would soon remove. Nomad is a guide book for anyone in search of a mentor who will give them the honest truth. This book is your access to a mentor who has walked through the wilderness many times and learned how to navigate it with grace. Read it as many times as you need to, it truly feels like talking with a great friend.


Authors, Speakers, Founders of AWKNG, Global Senior Pastors of Celebration Church

Chari is a captivating storyteller and all around amazing human being. From the first page, you’ll be immediately drawn in and won’t want to put this book down. The profound and practical insight from her own personal journey through the wilderness seasons of life, will equip you to thrive, rise up, and find purpose even when it seems like all hope is lost.


Author, Speaker, Host of the Coffee With Andi Podcast Founder of She Is Free & Co-Founder of Liberty Church

As a millennial, Chari gives me something I deeply desire but can be afraid to ask for…honesty. She possesses a finesse that cuts deep with hard truths while challenging you to lead better, focus on KINGDOM issues, and respect the mentors in your life. Nomad embodies Chari’s vulnerability and strong storytelling while still offering you the voice of a trusted friend during your wilderness seasons — I mean FOR REAL! CHARI’S GOT YOUR BACK! Nomad is a must-read and a must re- read. I don’t doubt you’ll revisit Nomad year after year (maybe even month after month) because every time you read it, there will be advice that will resonate with you relevant to where you’re at in life’s journey.